Friday, May 1, 2009

His Eyes Are On The Sparrow

So are His Eyes On The Ants.
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Once there was, in times memorial, everyone was hungry for food.

It was the same with Caleb & Joshua, who went into the giant land, hunting whole heartedly.

They believed strongly, without weaver of any doubt that the blessings of food will be theirs, if He who has provided, will also supply strength to fulfill, to bring to pass what He has promised.

Indeed, what they have believed came true.

They received a blessing that was beyond their mind could possibly think of.

Obtaining the greatest blessings of the day, it was not without great challenges.

So Joshua asked " Hi dude, can you be here while i go and get some help ? "

" sure it's my pleasure "

Without any doubt, help was needed, the burden to overcome the challenges was to be shared.

And so, there were more hands and legs .....

to help transporting the food.

It's home they bound, for a big feast, fit too for a sparrow.

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