Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mountain Climbing, Jungle Trekking N Progress

Sometimes I wonder how our physical body is made to withstand pressure.

Never attempt to climb any mountain or trek will means that we do not know the tolerance level we can withstand.

From a mere 1-2 KM mountain trek/day to a 25 KM of mountain trek/day, it means there is improvement.

Continue from there, we tried 1 night two days trek, follows with 3 days two nights trek, and after that 5 days 4 nights trek us it means progress.

Improvement and progress builds confidence.

After we have done the easy/relatively easy, or difficult/relatively difficult trek progressing one to the other, there should be no reason why a 12 to 17 days of trekking trip in Annapurna Circuit Treks, The Everest , or The Sikkim, Kanchenjunga and Gangtok, Himalayas that most our of friends talked about so much, O any mountains beyond in other continents is not imposible should we choose to head towards that directions and have the resources for it.

Whatever length of days in trekking, if we do not enjoy the journey, such as enjoying the nature, the plants and the flowers,

Click to see the wild fruit that looks like ' corn comb " found at the peak of Broga Hill, Semenyih

the insects and the crawlies and the animals, the buddies etc....etc....etc that trekking has offer and make something memorable.....

when you come back, our journal entry in trekking will be

I wake up in the morning, I start to trek,
in the evening I rest

The next day I start to trek,
in the evening I eat, rest and sleep

day after tomorrow, I start to trek,
.............tomorow i will wake up and trek..

day after it will be like that too.

Isn't this parallel with living life ?

Today I live life when i wake up in the morning, and night comes, I sleep, and tomorrow, I wake up again, and night I sleep................

Acknowledge the fact that progress and improvement will bring meaning to life, stop by to enjoy what the trek can offer, will be more interesting than just rushing through it just to get to the peak.

How boring it will be to trek through the jungle just to get to the peak without enjoying the journey.

worst if you are trekking through life in that way.


YK Low said...

Hi Agnes,

Glad you like Broga, it happens to be our training site for our climbs.

Tan agnes said...

Hi YK,
The trek is rather mild, but the view is superb, the breeze is refreshing, like the plant that has fruits like corn comb on it at the peak, will definately go again.