Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Heartfelt Love For A Mum

" My mum always look forward to see me every morning as I carry her out from the room .... wash her up , feed her spoon by spoon, massage her .... I need to be patience with her at times as she is difficult to handle , showing face of discomfort , she has lost her voice due to throat and lung cancer ... deep in my heart I prayed, oh GOD gave me the strength and patience and the way to handle my mum.............. "

( Jenny and her siblings attended to their sick mum )

The above caption was written by Jenny Lee in her e-mail to me.

Jenny is our trekking buddy, a special and close friend, she is my loving sister personally, we share laughter and tears together.

I obtained her permission to publish what she wrote me in my blog.

She also shared how, two weeks ago, both she & her husband Richard took the challenge that no one would, they did something special for their mum.

The husband and wife team carefully wheeled their mum, still in her frail state, to the nearby Kopitiam ( coffee shop ) , to have her mum enjoy her cup of favorite coffee.

Everyone by the roadside was watching, some with disrespectful eyes, though no one lifted a finger to help.

Nonetheless, neither Jenny or Richard was embarrassed because deep in their heart, they know for sure that was what the beloved mum had wanted to do.

Though others sneered at them on why the need to go through this episode toiling the difficult task just for a cup of coffee.

" And that's the way we say I love you and we are very proud of you mum. " Jenny added.

Their mum has since passed on peacefully, on May 4, 2009 ( exactly one week before the Mother's Day ) to be reunited with her husband who has gone to be with the Lord a 14 months ago.

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Condolence wreath from Kuala Lumpur Baptist Church

We wish everyone who has a mum, do say " I love you " to your mum anytime of the year if you can, better still say " I love you " anytime of the day.

Just like what Jenny & Richard did, they never wait on Mother's Day to show their love to their mum, which is a few days to come.

Had they waited for Mother's Day to take her for the coffee......
Had they said it will be more memorable to show love on Mother's day...
Had they this....
Had they that....

Mother never waits for Children's Day to shower her love, hence no children should wait, only on Mother's Day to express love to their mum.

Jenny & Richard, Condolences to your family on the demised of your beloved mum.

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