Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mountain Climbing N Live Life With The Basic

Jungle trekking and mountain climbing was never our hobby or never part of our activities that we enjoy when we were young.

However, it's never too old to discover and never to late to learn for us.

We discover jungle trekking these recent few years because someone has invited us to one, and thereafter we discover more and more mountains which we have never heard before.

Our heart says

" hei....this is what we like doing and we enjoy

The nature
The fresh air,
The beautiful sceneries,
The naturals colors of life,
The flowers and the trees,
The flying clouds,
The rainbows,

The challenge,
The journey
The peak,
The friendship,
The teamwork,
and most of all, the inspiration and lessons learn that is so applicable to living a meaningful life.

We learn some precious lessons such as we live life with the very basic during mountain climbing.

The heavier the load you carry on your back, the more difficult trekking journey will be.

Packing appropiately, using the right camping & trekking equipments for trekking is rule number one when you go jungle trekking and mountain climbing.

No one should overpack and no one should underpack, because weight pull us down and out.

What a trekker needs is a healthy body to enjoy the journey, a conqeuror attitude until he/she reaches the destination.

Obtained this inspiration , i always remind myself and others, let's work to be healthy, and live a longer life so we will be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor, which we have put half a century of time in it.

Click on the picture to see trek in Broga Hill Semenyih

Isn't it true, what we need in life is simple, basic needs for survival.

Isn't that too much load that we could carry on our shoulder drag us down in life ?

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