Sunday, December 7, 2008

Landslides in Bukit Antarabangsa

" All projects at the hill slopes will stop ? "

Our Deputy Prime Minister said in the news, and so were the others said uninamously, at Bukit Antarabangsa when they visited the victims of landslides.

Who has the power to decide on whether to cut or not to cut the hills ? how does those state land/lands especially those which are so near to the water source ended up in some minority's hand ?

Surely these are the questions any plain Tom, Dick & Mary will ask

How did the hills were approved for cut to develop high priced housing, in ranges of millions per unit.

The selfish intention of the minority who, the motives of those involved for the hills to be cleared and developed is obviously a discussions as hot as the hot potatoes now.

$ $$$ versus The Will to put priority in ensuring all to live in safe enviroment.

" All projects at the hill slopes will stop ? " rings like a chorus from the broken gramaphone, some hears this first time, others have heard many times before, The lyric is being sung again now, obviously it is out of seeing some suffering right before our eyes.

( source from NST ) I believed there are many more not in this list.

I am overstriken by anger and grief.

It is my belief many will feel the same like I do, especially when innocent lives were lost again.

Even fools will not deny approval to cut down hills upon hills, from Ampang to Petaling Jaya, from Damansara to Ulu Yam, is done for one sure thing, financial gain.

Some may argue, if there is demand for such housing, well, there is always supply, though you may have to cut the hill/hills down.

It is money, money & money & money.

Is money the root of all evil ?????

" We are against the cutting of hills " echoing everywhere, from those directly affected and those not affected. "

Saves Bukit Gasing, Saves Our Geen Lung "

The law of nature says, massive clearance like cutting hills will lead to soil erosion, though humans may claim to have ways and technology to avert it. The Developer invited the residents to bring technical expert to proof otherwise like what had happened to Ukay Heights near Taman Hijau, Ampang.

Melawati, the township situated left to the Klang Gate dam, the very dam that supply water to the Kuala Lumpur cityfolks, there is massive, massive work done to cut down HillssssssSSsSS$$$ssssssssssssss$ssssss.

Massive, Massive, Massive, Massive, Tremendously Massive land clearing is underway.

Upmarket houses costing millions each unit in the making.

( The above pictures were contribution from Amelia's camera. She is against cutting down of hills too )

Within the Melawati vicinity, The Save the Melawati Hill Association work to protest against the cutting down of Melawati hill, and they are still protesting.
It is indeed an upheavel task, a tedious and long road to get the authority to hear out why the hill should not be cut.

" All projects at the hill slopes will stop ? " versus Saves Our Hill/Hills

To the many unsung champions in conservation, whether they are from Melawati, Taman Hijau Ampang, Bukit Gasing, & Bukit Damansara, there is a glimpse of hope that shines from the other end of the tunnel.

Will those in authority walks their talks ??????????

Comments anyone ??

Condolence to those who has lost their love ones and your belonging, May God strengthen you in times of hardship & difficulties.

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