Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is Landslide Man Made or Natural Disaster

Who has seen the wind ?

On the landslide in Bukit Antarabangsa, there were indeed many warning signs, like trees falling, snakes slithered into many houses, minor landslide cutting off road etc.....

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In Bernama
So Bernama said it was reported to the MPAJ......

In Guang Min Daily

Many residents said snakes slithered into many bungalows before the landslides.

Landslide cut off the road 6 days earlier

Is the landslides Man made or Natural Disaster ?

A review by guang Min Daily.

When will we ever learn ??

Dr. Benjamin George, who survived the Highlands Tower disaster 15 years ago, which killed 48 people, was not convinced that things would get better.

" 3 months, the tractor will start work again."

Who has seen the wind ?
Neither I nor you;

But when the leaves hang trembling
The wind is passing through.

Who has seen the wind ?
Neither I nor you;

But when the trees bow down their heads,
The wind is passing by.

By Christina Rossetti

Westly's note
John 3:8 The wind bloweth - According to its own nature, not thy will, and thou hearest the sound thereof - Thou art sure it doth blow, but canst not explain the particular manner of its acting. So is every one that is born of the Spirit -

The fact is plain, the manner of his operations inexplicable.

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