Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Disaster Operation/Relief Centre of landslides

On the landslides in Bukit Antarabangsa, these two weeks has been filled with news, write up, articles on landslides not only in Bukit Antarabangsa but also it extended to other states of Malaysia. discussions, blogs, photos by the novices & professionals on hill slopes projects, done and half done are also all over.

I chanced upon a blog that gives me differing views.

Within the first 2 hours the landslide was made aware.

Disaster Operation Centre by one name was set up under the leadership of Dr. Rafickk and his teams.

and Disaster Relief Centre was set up by Raja Nazarudin Raja Nazron and his teams.

both caters to the need of the landslides victims.

I know neither one of them.

One sure thing and a common denomination from there is that there are in our midst, quick thinking, community leaders, whose kind heart must have melted at the sight of disaster, and took quick action to rescue others.

I think it is good enough for us to know these two leaders and their teams responded to the call of their kind heart.

May God bless them and their teams richly.

How the recue operations progress from then on can be read from the blog. The blogger and the comments written therein from respondent is really, really thoughts provoking.

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