Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Rope Enhanced For Safety

This is the rope that was enhanced for safety

click on picture or clearer view

Testing, testing, testing ............on the enhanced rope

Testing One by Rock Climber Lau

Testing Two by Regular Trekker Eric

Testing Three by Seasoned Trekker, Peter

Disclaimer :
Jungle trekking and Mountain climbing involves unavoidable risks. Trekking at certain dangerous spots in Bukit Tabur may require adequate strength, skills and maturity to ensure your own safety.

Our contributions and these few postings are but only a guide to the climbs. You are also advised not to rely solely on the information/descriptions contained on these pages.

The author or any of the contributors cannot be held responsible in any way for any mishap / accidents that happens to any trekkers /person.

Please use your own good judgment, if you do not observe utmost safety for yourself, no one else will.

These few days, it's been more tiring than usual,blogging, blogging, blogging,........etc....

Blogging is definately more challenging than mountain climbings.

Now the subject is done, I think I deserve a break..........

Go Gunung Bunga Buah in Genting Highland ?? or Broga Hill for photography & good makan, if not, Bukit Tabur will be a good place too.

Not forgetting all who has contributed and supported in one way or another to ensure safe trekking.

Everyone can really see your passion in whatever you do.

Need I say thank you again ?

Yes, i think so, Thank You & God Bless You

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