Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Trekking Accidents In Bukit Tabur

An Update

After two accidents that happened with us involved in the rescue operations, something has to be done, with aim to help prevent further accidents happening here.

An evaluation & investigation was done on the terrain at the first rope, an accident prone location in Bukit Tabur on February 14, 2009 the morning of the Valentines Day.

Rock climber Lau Choon Meng pointed out that the danger notice is too wordy, as jungle trekkers & mountain climbers just doesn't have the patient to read wordy notices.

He recommended a picture showing someone falling off the cliff with some explaination will just send the message effectively.

Appealing now, anyone who can draw an animate action of falling off the cliff, can you come forward to help ? we can't pay you in monetary form, but if you need a return of favors, we would be glad to offer advise, information on trekking here. This is because all of us are doing this on a voluntary basis with very limited fund coming from our own pocket.

There is a doctor who is aware of all the accidents happened at the first rope, she has promised to help us pay for a more permanent signboard.

You can contact me via the email address in this blog.

Almost out of natural, Rock Climber Lau asked to test out the existing rope.

According to him, the strength of the rope is enough to support the weight of an average person when he ascend or descend down the cliff, but this kind of PVC rope might be slippery during wet/rainy seasons.

So trekkers, kindly take note & beware of danger if you trek during the rainy season.

On our way to the first rope, Lau did mentioned that he came up to Bukit Tabur once after I contacted him for some help.

The time he came up was, during the Chinese New Year, which he said there may be lots of trekkers taking free time during the holidays to trek here. And so something has to be done as soon as possible.

It is an honour to know this young gentleman, who has a heart of gold and a heart that cares.

Putting down the ropes, he put on his rock climbing safety gears.

these pictures were taken from the side view at the first rope location.

together with Peter, the seasoned trekker who has just came back from trekking to Everest Base Camp, started surveying the terrain of the danger spot.

Eric, a regular trekker to Bukit Tabur and involved in at least two rescue operations, was providing more information from his obeservation of how some of the trekkers coming down the cliff

and the possiblities of how the victims will fall off the cliff.

Lau did a simulation of the climb with safety harness of course

and this experienced rock climber confirmed what we have been thinking all these while, this place is dangerous.

It is dangerous.

It is indeed very very dangerous

" Aiya ! " Lau said " Don't Play Play la !!!! "

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