Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happiness Comes From The Heart part 1 快乐 心经

I was with a supplier, discussing some business. A tattered poster on the door of his office caught my attention, after careful reading, it is none other than the aged old words of wisdom on Tips for Happiness

by Octogenarian Educationist, The late Dato' Shen Muyu 已故拿督沈慕羽

The very first Tip for Happiness listed above all else on the poster is

Do Not Complain :- Be Thankful

Complaints rob us off happiness.

Do not complaint doesn't mean living life like an idiot.....

Common sense tell us that :-

When there is a problem, look for solutions.

When there is a real reason to complain, work out what is required to settle things so you do not need to complain.

Manage expectation, manage stress.
Manage the capacity over what you can or cannot take on your plate.

Manage " The sometimes supersized ego, out of proportion, inflated oversized ego, which place life out of right perspectives. because when life is out of perspective, one tends to complain.

Isn't that doing any of the above, it can make us a little happy in life ?

We sometimes hear that, how to be happy when my husband/wife/mother/father/teacher/brother or sister/friends/others don't make me happy ?

Taking the above for analysis, can we be unhappy when another person do not make you happy ?

Why should another person makes you happy ? when they are unhappy themselves sometimes.

When you are unappreciative and egoistic, chances are, no matter what the other person does to make you happy, you will still be unhappy.

So, there is nothing others can do if you decide to be unhappy at all times.

More so happiness comes from within a person's own heart.

Babies do not complain, or babies have little to complain.

partly babies have very little about life that sucks, it is definately different when one is gaining in age, there are more and more people and things that happened, causing situation and circumstances, some within control and others, beyond their control to handle,

and it sucks.

when life sucks, normally and without fail, any immature person will carry with them an attitude with a aura, liken to the stench from garbage dump.

Carelessness can cause us to pick up the stench that cause us to sucks, directly or indirectly we are influenced, to be unhappy.

Well, complaining is the natural reaction to release the pressure resulted by blaming it on the person who passed you the stench.

Stop passing the stench to others will sometimes make us happier, than passing the same to many more, that will make the world around us unhappy.

and, famous saying that when life taste sour, make lemonade and share with others.

It's best to share not the sourness but the zing of lemonade that can help others, who is, like you and me desiring to be quench in thirst for happiness.

Which is more challenging ? to make yourself happy by being happy


let others make you happy and cause the whole world to be unhappy ?

Google up How To Be Thankful ,

there are lots and lots of reading materials.
Nevertheless real happiness lies in individual's desire to be happy.

In another words, each person must see the need to be happy, he must be wanting to be happy...... then only will he be happy, minus out the complaint, small or not so small that will make you unhappy.

There are lots and lots unkind fella/beyond our control situations/circumstances that can make us unhappy.

There is nothing these unkind feela/beyond our control situations/circumstances can do to us if you decide to be happy at all times.

Is it challenging to be happy ? Or is it more challenging to be unhappy.

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