Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fund Raising : Bone Marrow Transplant For Ms Yeoh Yen Kee

We are organising a fund raising project to raise fund for a leukemia girl, Yeoh Yen Kee, as a contribution towards her bone marrow transplant.

Target to do it in November, a total 4 weeks.

We will call upon people to donate and we will provide a service to take them up Bukit Tabur in Kuala Lumpur as a gesture of goodwill for their donation to Yen Kee.

How it works
1) Donors are to bank in the donation to Guangming Ribao's account.
2) Send us the proof or receipt to my e-mails and a team of others that will come in to help as volunteers. ( will keep inform )
3) we will coordinate to take donors up Bukit Tabur.

We had few would be trekkers that have never been up Bukit Tabur has indicated that they like our idea and we will expand this to others.

since we like mountain, we just do something extra for charity to help this leukemia girl.

pls write to me if you have

1) donors who wants to do as a corporate body.

2) I have already received poitive response from our regular trekkers to Bukit tabur and some others experienced trekkers to come in to make this project a success.

We possibly will need to have a pool of volunteers to chip in for this project more interesting too.

Calling for leader/sweepers etc... with vast experience in mountain trekking especially Bukit tabur to come forward to help.

( we reserve the right to take in/reject candidates based on our own descretion for this purpose )

3) Other ways to help such as linking us to others to reach bigger audience with aim to solicit for donation for this fund raising purpose.

4) Donation amount : we do not set any pre-requisite for any donation amount for this fund raising, we are of the opinion that no matter how big/small is the donation, it's the heart that desire to help & love that counts.

We will update from time to time

A million thanks

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