Friday, October 9, 2009

Working With GuangMing Ribao On Donation

When we came across the plight of Leukemia girl, Yeoh Yen Kee needing financial assistance for her bone marrow transplant, we immediately checked with the GuangMing Ribao newspaper that published their plight.

They replied to me officially saying that this is a genuine case of need.

AS the words pass around, we have some confused donors, who checked with us why there are two accounts to receive the donations, one is through GuangMing Ribao and another goes to the personal account of the leukemia girl Yeoh Yen Kee.

We asked the same question that was asked to us to GuangMing's office, advising that some donors are confused why there are two accounts ?

The donor said that when big organisation soliciting for public donation, the company who drives the project will front it with their company account, and all collection is channel accordingly.

In this case, since GuangMing Ribao front it, it should be only GuangMing Ribao 's account, why is there alongside another personal account crop up.

Over to you GuangMing Ribao, help us to answer this question.


C Guevara said...

I trust that you are doing the right thing not to publish the personal account of Yen Kee to avoid confusion among the donors.

However, I want to make myself clear again, that it is an alternative way of donating, which will ALSO help Yen Kee and her family. I have already got verification from the site owner who published the account details, and as well as from Yen Kee herself,personally.

Second thing, it is RUDE and unwise to erase comments from your own blog. Removing the source of reference for your post-up will only make you an unethical blog writer.

Well you may think that it is okay to simply remove the link where you get your writing materials from, but dont forget you are a fund raising event ORGANIZER; you are about to RAISE FUNDS and to handle a big sum of charity donations. You're not a silly teen blogger who only write gossips and spread rumors in the internet.

Agnes, looks like there are still many things that you need to learn and understand when using the internet to convey your message to the public. Especially in dealing with donations and fund raising activities, details that seem trivial to you can sometimes get you into trouble.

I dont mind if you dont publish my comments, but it is a little unacceptable to remove the links and the reference for your previous write-ups.

Anonymous said...

Dear all ,sorry for my late reply,

For any donation, please send cheque or bank in to Guang Ming Ribao S/B (Charity Fund ). A discussion with Yen Kee's father has indicated that once they have received enough, they will
made a public announcement including publish in Guang Ming Daily.
In the mean time, please continue to contribute towards the fund as your giving will help save a life.

the latest up-date, we still need 50% more to go,all friends ...jia yu!!

thousand thanks!

Senior Executive of
Public Communication
cum Guang Ming Ribao S/B ( Charity Fund )

The trekker, agnes said...

dear c.guevera,
we have checked with Guangming Ribao Sdn Bhd upon receipt your first comment and found out that they do not authorised any party to use their official infomation other than to have donation banked into their account.

We are fully aware of ethics in any business that we do and would like to inform that the matter on which account to bank in has already been settled.

Please refer to our posting, working with GuangMing Ribao, the reply from Ms Lye, The senior Executive of Public Communication Guang Ming Ribao S/B ( Charity Fund) of which they are working
closely with the Yen Kee's family.

We are not interested in any credits, Yen Kee's plight came to us when a friend from US posted it on the wall of her facebook. We then checked it out with the newspaper before published it in our blog.

There is a common & noble cause to work on, for those who can afford the donation, and for those who network to get the donation in, all are helping in one way or another, the society is pouring their kindness to save a girl.

We cannot afford to confuse the public & thus we need to check thoroughly, and decide who we should listen to.

sorry for publishing your comment late. we are responsible party to our blog readers.

Peace be with you young man

Anonymous said...