Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When You Believe by Maria Carey N Whitney Houston

These pictures of purple flowers taken in Bukit Tabur is my favorite collection, I am happy to use them.

Just feel that Yen Kee will need not only the donation, that the public can bless her with, encouragement will be a kindness to make her feel loved.

Victoria chose a song, to encourage Yen Kee, while i work on the video and turn it into a movie clip.

The final section of the movie clip was done when we were taking a rest during our Qigong session, most friends were so willing to say a word or two to Yen Kee. to encourage her to be strong, to be brave, to hope.............the auntie in yellow collar / blue t-shirt is a natural leader, so impromptu was she when she took over the whole session while i shot the video, coming up with the script leading the entire team to encourage Yen Kee.

Hi Yen Kee, this is for you. there are so many people out there, loving you....

All the time spent, sleepless night in learning to make movie is addictive until the work is done.

I am satisfied, and filled with joy after learning a new skill........simple movie making, probably more movies to come in this blog.

Never mind the countless editing, re-editing, I am learning to sing too THERE CAN BE MIRACLES....when you believe.

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