Monday, October 12, 2009

Working With GuangMing Ribao On Donation Part 2

At 1.31 pm October, 12, 2009 we received an official reply from GuangMing Ribao which reads as follows.

Dear all ,

sorry for my late reply,
For any donation, please send cheque or bank in to Guang Ming Ribao S/B (Charity Fund ).

A discussion with Yen Kee's father has indicated that once they have received enough, they will
made a public announcement including publish in Guang Ming Daily.

In the mean time, please continue to contribute towards the fund as your giving will help save a life.

the latest up-date, we still need 50% more to go, all friends ...jia yu!!

thousand thanks!

Senior Executive of Public Communication cum Guang Ming Ribao S/B ( Charity Fund )

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GuangMing Ribao has worked out a solution with the leukemia girl Yeoh Yen Kee's family, both agreed that once the required amount has been raised, they will make a joint public announcement.

The required donation from the public is RM 200,000
Up to date both accounts ( personal) & GuangMing Ribao have collected 50 % of the required amount.

You may also for more update & details on the progress of the donations.

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